How long would it take to restore your business's data?

Data Backup: Why your Business needs Image-Based Backups

Data Backup: Why your Business needs Image-Based Backups Your business’s data is one of your most valuable assets.  But what will happen in the event of a disaster, whether it’s a hacker or a natural disaster? We’re going to discuss with you the importance of your backup and why your business needs image-based backups. Image-Based

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Small Business Information Technology Services

Small Business Information Technology Services 24×7 Protect IT, specializing in helping small businesses do business securely™. Key advantages of 24×7 Protect IT’s unique business consulting solution: Work Anywhere in the World – Securely Secure Access & Backups Scalable – Only Pay for IT Services You Need Increased Profit Margins Competitive Advantage The term Information Technology

Microsoft Support Scam

Microsoft Support Scam I am sure you or someone you know has come across this Microsoft Support Scam: One of my peers, who is clearly a brilliant software Engineer, came up with a rather creative and hilarious solution. How would you like to be able to report this phone number to him? He will verify

Are Computers Really Disposable?

I am sure many of you reading this have answered yes, computers are disposable. I challenge the rational for your belief. Not because I am smarter than you, but because I remember. I will agree that disposable computers do exist and they are purposefully manufactured to be disposable. How many of you recall Gateway© computers

PCMatic – Is it good or bad?

I am sure you have seen the commercials that are flooding the television stations, touting 100% protection for a meager $50/year. I would advise you to review these forum discussions and reviews. Draw your own educated opinion, before you give up your credit card information.


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I cringe when I hear this guy talking about how amazing his product is. Not because it is as great as he states, but because

What’s the Point of IT?

Our History As a Nation As a veteran to this industry, raised in the trial fires of the DOS days, before existed; I have seen the reason for IT get lost in the mindset of American business owners and managers. As a growing history buff and lover of the deep rooted history of the creation