IT Support

Technology is becoming more pervasive into every aspect of every business. This means your business needs responsive and competent IT support, from a company dedicated to your overall success. Your customers hired your firm to fulfill a need, which either directly or indirectly impacts their ability to meet their mission. If you cannot deliver, you risk not only losing that customer, but the referrals they might have sent to your business; not to mention new customers that want to do business with you, whom most likely will go elsewhere.

What does this truly mean to you?

When the technology your business relies on to meet your mission to your customers fails, you absolutely need it operational immediately! Your business is having a heart attack and emergency response is critical. You cannot afford to wait several hours, or days, for them to respond, or to spend your valuable capital and not receive tangible results.

Why 24×7 Protect IT?

In short, we get it. We consistently deliver tangible results. We understand that downtime is unacceptable, even for a micro business of 1 person. That is why our clients that are under a service agreement are guaranteed 1 hour response, often with this response being under 5 minutes. Not under a service agreement with us? No problem. We will respond to your emergency within 4 hours, often with this time being closer to 1 hour. In most cases, your issue can be solved remotely by our highly trained and experienced Engineers, shortening the response time dramatically.

Once more, we fix the underlying issues, the first time. We don’t repeatedly treat symptoms like the other guys. We guarantee our work for 30 days. Should your issue represent itself within that 30 day period, simply contact us and we will resolve the issue at no additional charge to you. You pay once to have your issues resolved. So what are you waiting for?

Call us today at (678) 606-0026 or contact us and experience industry leading IT Support services!