About Us

Established in 2012.

24×7 Protect IT is a full bodied Information Technology Consulting Firm. We offer a unique Business Consulting Solution by providing a complete set of technical disciplines for our clients. While typical consulting firms may be adequate for routine Microsoft desktop & server solutions, they are often limited beyond this basic level. The consultants at 24×7 Protect IT are fully qualified to handle from the most routine to the very complex solutions – including WAN or Wide Area Networking, MAN or Metropolitan Area Networking, LAN or Local Area Networking, Internet connectivity, Unix, Databases, VoIP, and WEB technologies. 24×7 Protect IT specializes in on-site (home office or Corporate) computer services, computer network design, network implementation, network service, Outsourced IT, as well as IT Budgeting and planning.

24×7 Protect IT was founded and launched to meet the growing consumer demand for security and reliability of computer systems and networks. Our founder understood that computer systems and networks have infiltrated every industry, every household and everyone’s lives. Our founder also understands that there is no going back!

This profound infiltration has exposed how vulnerable computer systems are to attacks and how unreliable they can be if proper measures are not taken to secure them. After all, what good is a computer system if it is unavailable or unreliable when you need it most?

24×7 Protect IT was founded by and is run by Information Technology Professionals who not only understand these facts, but are also highly educated and experienced in drastically limiting your exposure to computer system hacks and/or unreliability issues.

Our mission is to ensure your computer systems and network are reliable, secure, quick, and can rapidly recover when ANY disaster strikes.

Meet the CEO

Paul J. Chrisco

Paul J. Chrisco

Paul started out in the Computer Industry in 1994, While serving honorably in the U.S. Air Force. The U.S.A.F instilled a sense of duty, honor, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

The first client he had, was a housekeeper that worked as a contract employee for the U.S.A.F. She had bought an IBM 8088 (really old, even at that time) computer to write letters to her friends. The system, which did not have a hard drive and required the user to insert several 5.25″ floppy disks (the very large ones) to load DOS and Word Perfect.

Paul configured the system so that all the user had to do was turn it on and wait a few minutes. The system would automatically boot to DOS, from the hard drive, and automatically launch Word Perfect.

This sparked a fire in Paul that would be inextinguishable. Paul started attending very expensive Information Technology certification courses and a college education.

Over the years, Paul has consistently provided the customers with reliable, secure, fast, and scalable computer systems and networks.