Small Businesses Hacked

Did you know that in 2016 CNBC reported on the fact that over half of small businesses the United States have been hacked?

This is a very serious problem because most small businesses will address network security from the standpoint that: “I’m a small business and I don’t need to worry about it.” Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is why your small business should have a cybersecurity plan in place.

Hackers don’t know you’re a small business. What they do know is that you have a public IP address and computer systems behind that. If you handle financial information or any kind of healthcare information you are most certainly governed by a HIPAA and FINRA, respectively.

The Government is Watching You

The government is becoming less tolerant of the fact that you are a small business when it comes to compliancy. If your network isn’t secure, you most definitely could face prison time and hefty fines.

Your small business cybersecurity plan should include the following:

  • patching computer systems properly and on a regular basis
  • adequate business-class antivirus protecting computers and virus attacks
  • take reasonable measures to protect your computer systems and thereby your clients non-public, private information.

Small Businesses Can’t Afford to Not have a Cybersecurity Plan in Place

Most small businesses think that they can’t afford to hire an IT company. This is can be further from the truth. Due to modern technologies, we can offer small businesses a very cost effective and economical solution. We proactively monitor computer systems make sure that all computer systems are fully patched, make sure the third-party applications like Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat are kept up to date as well.

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Scalable Solution

With solid business class antivirus and modern intrusion prevention system software, both at the network level and on the system and the workstation level. This allows us to give small businesses comprehensive security at a very marginal cost on a per computer basis.

This means it doesn’t matter if your business has one computer or thousand computers, our solution is going to scale and be affordable to you. No matter what type of disaster threatens your business. Whether it be an employee being destructive or maybe a hacker has hacked into your computer systems or maybe you’ve experienced a hardware failure or a fire or flood, we have the technology that we offer our customers to make sure that we can recover your computer systems to precisely their state before the disaster happened.

Contact us today at 24×7 Protect IT, Inc. and we will offer your business a comprehensive network security audit then we’ll let you know where your business is at now, where it should be and what it would take to get there.  Your cybersecurity plan will be in place, not collecting dust on a shelf.

We proudly service Cobb and Cherokee Counties in the State of Georgia.