Back-Up and Disaster Recovery

By now, every business owner/manager knows they must have a backup of their data and be able to recover from any disaster quickly and with minimal to no data loss.

What does this truly mean to you?

If business continuity is important to you, then you must have verifiable, image-based backups of your systems and data. These backups should be stored locally, as well as offsite, to guarantee business continuity in the event of any disaster. Offsite backups must be encrypted before they leave the local network to adhere by the security standards required by Local, State, and Federal law(s).

Why 24×7 Protect IT?

At 24×7 Protect IT, we not only monitor your backups, but we immediately remedy any issues our sophisticated systems automatically inform us of. We provide our client’s with a detailed report every month that proves we have successfully secured their data and systems from disaster. There is never any doubt that your systems and data are secured.

With 24×7 Protect IT, you will never have to worry about Back-up and Disaster Recovery again. Let our experts handle it for you!

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