Cyber Security Audit

Are you sure your network is secure from cyber attack and disaster?

If you answered no, we can help!

We will come to your location and perform a comprehensive network security audit. Upon being given your written permission, we will:

  • Perform penetration testing
  • Perform aggressive testing of the security of your network internally
  • Evaluate the patch health of your network
  • Evaluate the Anti-Virus footprint of your network
  • Expose vulnerabilities you did not know existed
  • Evaluate the layers of security you currently have in place
  • Evaluate your Backup & Disaster Recovery footprint
  • Evaluate your contingency plans for disasters
  • Evaluate the security of your wireless network
  • Evaluate the Operating Systems on your network
  • Prepare a comprehensive report detailing our findings & our recommendation
  • We will also prepare a proposal to resolve these issues for you, should you choose to retain our services to resolve the issues we found on your network

What are you paying for?

Knowledge! As you know, knowledge is power. Power to act instead of being acted upon.

What does our Cyber Security Audit cost?

We charge $2,500 for our Cyber Security Audits. We also offer HIPAA, PCI, and other specialty scans for an additional $2,500 each ($2,000 each with two or more add-ons).

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and receive a 25% discount!

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