Why you need an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on your Network

In our recent post, we discussed the history and evolution from an Intrusion Detection System to an Intrusion Prevention System, specifically as it relates to your workstations.  Let’s get even more secure by talking about an Intrusion Prevention System on your Network.

Additional Layer of Security

Having an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) on your Network is an additional layer of security on your network that you need in this day and age. This specific IPS sits on a network appliance. This is usually a firewall of some kind that is physically in the network whereby all data traffic to and from the internet and within the network goes through this device.

This IPS that is physically in your network can monitor the packets and any activity on your network. Signatures are updated automatically.  This means that anytime a new cyber attack threat is developed by hackers and signatures are developed to detect, mitigate, and deal with the attack; protecting your network automatically.

What does this mean for YOU?

Your network is where all of your data flows through your system.  If a hacker is attempting to hack into your network/systems, the IPS on a network appliance can identify that and deal with that attack – stopping it in its tracks! It is possible to nearly eliminate the possibility of a data breach!

As you can imagine, since all data flows through your network, it is crucial to identify an attack and stop the attack as fast as possible and prevent data from leaving your network! By doing so you dramatically minimize and eliminate the possibility of data compromise.

Proactive Approach to Network Security

You must identify an attack quickly, alert the Information Security team so they can take action to stop the attack and prevent data compromise! Time is literally of the essence! That is what an Intrusion Prevention System on your network does for you.

Intrusion Prevention network security monitors


If your business is subject to HIPAA or FINRA regulations, an Intrusion Prevention System on your network is a MUST.  If you don’t take measures to prevent data compromise and loss, you could face severe financial loss and criminal charges.

Be A Good Steward

Even for companies that are not subject to HIPAA or FINRA, an Intrusion Prevention System on your network is still a MUST.  Your clients and customers are entrusting you with their information. Be a good steward and don’t make them regret putting their trust in you.  It may cost a little more up front, but your customers and clients will appreciate it and you will see long-lasting relationships with them. Not to mention the peace of mind you will have knowing your business is not going to negative impacted by a cyber attack!

At 24×7 Protect IT, Inc., our highest tier of service, Comprehensive Security, includes Information Security services as a part of our monthly monitoring. With this service, we include our Intrusion Prevention System on your Workstation(s) and Server(s). We monitor and respond to incidents the IPS alerts us to on your Workstation(s), Server(s), and Network.  We’re here to help you do business; securely.