I am sure many of you reading this have answered yes, computers are disposable. I challenge the rational for your belief. Not because I am smarter than you, but because I remember.

I will agree that disposable computers do exist and they are purposefully manufactured to be disposable. How many of you recall Gateway© computers and Dell© computers, before these firms went public? Were they the cheapest pieces of crap you could buy or were they quality machines built to last years and capable of extensive upgrades during their life?

Did you know that modern computer manufacturers, which produce garbage computers ON PURPOSE, reprogram the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) chip’s firmware (programming) to limit the expandability of the system? Yes, this really happens, folks. The hardware is capable of having its memory upgraded to 200% – 400% of what it comes with originally, but the computer manufacturer reprograms the BIOS to limit this to a 50% increase. Did you also know that they will have the motherboard manufacturer purposefully not solder on additional memory slots, despite the motherboards design and circuitry supporting these extra slots? Did you know they these same computer manufacturers use low quality components, which save them literally pennies per computer, so your computer will not last more than two or three years? Solid State Capacitors, the industry best, literally cost about a nickel more than their cheaper alternative. I know what you are thinking, there are a lot of capacitors on a motherboard. Yes, there are, but it takes 20 of them to equate to an extra $1 in manufacturing costs. That’s one buck, folks.

I started building custom gaming systems on my own in 1998. In my humble opinion, ASUS© and Intel© are by far the best motherboard manufacturers out there, due to the quality of the boards they produce, user-friendly nature of their BIOS programming, availability and speed in downloading system drivers, performance, reliability, and cost. These manufacturers do not produce any level of garbage. They understand that their reputation is based upon what they manufacture.

We here at 24×7 Protect IT, highly recommend Lenovo ThinkPads, ThinkCentres, and ThinkServers because these are top quality systems at reasonable prices. From our experience, these systems have less than a 5% failure rate on any component in them. I have personally used my Lenovo Thinkpad x201 since Jan 2011 and it is still fast today!

Imagine a workstation that comes with 16GB of memory and supports a maximum of 32GB. The ThinkCentre Tiny series are amazingly fast workstations, in a very compact package. they are slim, fast, expandable, reliable, and reasonably priced. These systems are built to last a business upwards of 10+ years.

I challenge you to play around with Lenovo’s system configurations and evaluate for yourself . Evaluate what it would cost you to buy several disposable computers over the lifespan of one of ours. Also, keep in mind the benefit of having a solid, fast, reliable system; as this is what is referred to as economic cost. Do you really want to have to constantly deal with technology issues related to purchasing low end, disposable, and cheap systems or do you have better things on which to focus your time, energy, and resources?

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