I began hard coding websites back in 2010, after successfully completing an HTML/CSS/PHP course, as cleanly written code is the most effective manner to secure a website. I used a text editor named Notepad++. Awesome text editor for writing any type of code! In 2015, a professional web developer advised me that WordPress was a viable platform for a website if you keep it secure and follow best practices. One of these best practices is to immediately create a new and complex username and then delete the default user account named “admin”. The second piece of wisdom he shared with me was to purchase an annual subscription to a security and firewall plugin. This was awesome advice, as this plugin allows you to block entire countries, or specific IP addresses.

The image attached of the failed attempts to log into our website for a period of 75 minutes, for which were automatically blacklisted from communicating with our web server. Think of this as an automatic tazer gun that neutralizes anyone that attempts any harm to you or your property, giving you time to decide if you want to permanently block them!

The other security concern is regarding disaster recovery. Are you backing up your website? Are these backups local or offsite? Can you quickly and painlessly recover from the worst disaster, without any data loss? If you answered no, then you need to hire a professional to help you. We proudly recommend Valerie Hudgins at Zen Dog Web Services. Val and her team are ethical, honest, competent, reasonable, and hard working. What more do you want in a web company that will manage, secure, and maintain your vital web presence?

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin