Spring Tune-Up Special

The weather is, most days now, beautiful! I see people walking and getting exercise daily!

Spring is definitely here!

Is is time to get your computer cleaned up, tuned up and running smoothly so you can book your vacation and the weekend get away with confidence that your computer is secure and is running quickly!

We are offering a Spring Special for only $90!

What we will do for this low price:

  1. We will blow all the dust and debris out of your computer!
  2. We will wipe it down and give it a good cleaning!
  3. We will run all of our PC tune up tools on your computer!
  4. We will find and remove any Spyware or Malware on your system!
  5. We will re-image (reinstall the operating system) your computer if we find it has been compromised by a Virus, Worm, Backdoor, or Trojan!
  6. We will update your BIOS and drivers!
  7. We will ensure your system is fully patched!
  8. We will update Java®, Adobe Flash®, Adobe Reader®, Adobe Acrobat®, Adobe Shockwave® Player, iTunes!
  9. We will evaluate if your system has adequate hardware resources and let you know if it needs any upgrades to boost its performance!
  10. We will, if your computer is compatible and has adequate resources, upgrade your system to Windows 10 (while it is still a free upgrade)!
  11. We will ensure your computer is running smoothly and operating at its peak performance!
  12. We will guarantee our work for a full 30 Days!
  13. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy and pleased with the service you receive!

Call us today at (678) 606-0027 or fill out our confidential contact form below to set up an appointment to bring your system to our office conveniently located at 800 Kennesaw Ave. NW Ste. 140, Marietta, GA 30060.

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